mercoledì 16 maggio 2012

Inaugurazione Blog Bilingue

Hi lads,
I'm here today to tell the "world"( or at least all our followers^^) that i'm gonna open the new english version of our blog soon!

Every news will be posted in both italian and english (always considering that my english knowledge is far worse than my italian).

Hope that will help to improve our "fame" (yea, fame -.-) in the web!
Not all the post will be translated immediately, but after a few days they'll certainly be available for all our anglophones friends!

P.S. If someone happen to speak decent french and would like to help us out, it would be very nice to have a french translation too (for all the french/quebequois speakers not so keen on speaking english^^)

Mes amis francaise, je parle un peu de francais mais il n'est pas assez bon. Je suis desole!
Je vous promets, après mon voyage en Canada, je parlerai un francaise meilleur!



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